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Power Hour - 60 Minutes

What's included

I'll send you a pre-session questionnaire so we can get to the specifics of the issue you are facing quickly. Clients use Power Hour sessions in a variety of ways: Sounding Board Hour: Run by me an idea (or two) that you are considering and get instant feedback - this could be a new product idea, advertising activity you are considering or design feedback on a logo or marketing materials. Strategy Hour: Help with where to focus, identifying your next best steps for growth. We'll look at the 'What', 'Who', 'Why', 'When' and 'How' of your strategy. Marketing Mentoring Hour: From brainstorming a marketing campaign together to support with how to use a particular marketing tool you are struggling with. Mindset Hour: Perhaps it's all feeling a little overwhelming and you could do with some support generating clarity and confidence to help move an idea forward - I've got you.

  • 111 British pounds
  • Online
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