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From Confusion To Clarity in 3 Days

What's included

This is for successful founders who are ready to move to the next level, but need some support identifying their next best steps for growth. Perhaps your to-do list has become so long and overwhelming, you're not sure which action should be a priority? I help founders uncover the path of least resistance, the route which delivers the most success with the least stress and overwhelm - as stress and overwhelm are key blocks to business growth. - We will idenitify a key area of your business to move forward with and begin mapping out goals to help keep us on track. - You will have my experience and support over 3 days via voice messaging using Telegram. I will check in 3 times a day (10am, 12pm, 2pm ) and will reply within one hour of your question being asked. - Clients use the Telegram support in whatever way works best for them; you could ask me if a piece of copy resonates, feedback on a social media post, or support relating to limiting stress and overwhelm. The people that get the best results from this service ask me 1-2 focused questions a day, as this allows us to get into the detail around these questions. This package is transformational. Its essentially like having me as your business bestie! Telegram support is over your 3 selected days of support. What previous clients have said: "If you want someone who'll help inspire you and leave you coming away from meetings, energised and excited for what you can do. Work with Emma!" Dan Hinton, Pixelfish

  • 297 British pounds
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