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Crush Stagnation & Get Sh*t Done

What's included

This one is for CEOs and Founders who are ready to commit to developing a practice of being accountable, by declaring their goals and taking action. We will work together for 4 weeks; allowing us time to develop new habits, shift prospectives and get sh*t done! The package include 4 x 30 minute coaching sessions + my unique voice note coaching service, which is a game changer! By saying things out loud can have a powerful impact on your thinking, behavior and overall success. By working together in this way, you are given the platform to talk me through your ideas and plans, so I can keep you accountable and on track with them. Being accountable leads to better problem-solving, helping prioritise and organise tasks, increasing focus and reducing stress and anxiety. How we will work together: - We will meet each Monday for a 30 minute coaching call, where you will download your actions, challenges and goals for the week; you'll do this by leaving a voice note for me, which I'll then store and check in with you over the course of the week to see how you are progressing. - I will voice note coach you with my bespoke recommendations relating to mindset shifts and strategy suggestions which can help you reach your goals with greater ease (and less time spent proscrastinating!). - You will have my support Monday-Friday via voice messaging using Telegram. This is an unlimited service and you can check in with me as much as you need during the support hours. The support is there when you need, at whichever point in your working day. - This support is for 4 weeks, with the option to increase as we go. What previous clients have said: "In just 2 hours I made huge steps towards identifying my ideal client and gained the confidence to start my first newsletter. Emma gave me tons of specific recommendations and valuable advice to nail down exactly what I needed". Marta Rossato, Marta Rossato Interiors

  • 997 British pounds
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