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Trusting Your Instincts: Why It's a 'Hell Yes'​ or 'Hell No'​

As someone who always trusts their instincts, I believe that unless it's a "hell yes," it's a "hell no." This may sound like a super simplistic approach to decision-making, but I've found it to be an incredibly powerful and effective way to make choices.

When we face a decision, whether it's a big one, like accepting a new job offer, or a small one like deciding what to eat for lunch, our instincts can provide valuable guidance.

Our instincts are our inner voice, our intuition, our gut feeling that tells us what feels right and what doesn't. Unfortunately, we often ignore or suppress our instincts, relying instead on logic, analysis and external feedback to make decisions.

The problem with this approach is that our instincts are a valuable source of wisdom and insight that we should learn to trust. Our instincts are rooted in our experiences, values and desires, and they can help us make decisions that align with our authentic selves.

When we ignore our instincts, we risk making choices that don't feel right, that are out of alignment with our values, or that don't bring us joy and fulfilment.

This is where the "hell yes" or "hell no" approach comes in. When we're faced with a decision, we can ask ourselves whether it's a "hell yes" or a "hell no." If we feel a strong, enthusiastic, and wholehearted "yes" to a choice, then it's likely aligned with our instincts and our true desires. If we feel any hesitation, doubt, or reluctance, then it's likely not the right choice for us.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. Sometimes, we need to make choices that are not a "hell yes" but are necessary or beneficial in some way. For example, we may need to take a job that's not our dream job but pays the bills or offers valuable experience. In these cases, we can still use our instincts to guide us by asking ourselves whether the choice aligns with our values and goals and whether it brings us closer to our desired outcomes.

Trusting our instincts and using the "hell yes" or "hell no" approach requires courage, self-awareness, and a willingness to listen to our inner voice. It can be challenging to go against conventional wisdom or external expectations, but when we do, we often find that we're more fulfilled, happier and more successful in the long game.

So, unless it's a "hell yes," it's a "hell no" is a powerful mantra for anyone who trusts their instincts. By listening to our inner voice and following our authentic desires, we can make decisions that align with our values and bring us joy and fulfilment. So, the next time you face a decision, ask yourself whether it's a "hell yes" or a "hell no" and trust your instincts to guide you towards the right choice.

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